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           [outofcreases; All of the shit Itachi could’ve prevented if he just killed Sasuke. Way to go, nii-san.]


Chapter 692

“God damn it sasuke!”

- the entire fandom (via wakeupandfly)



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I almost sent you dick pics but I didn't go me


            [outofcreases; ……………………………………………]

You can't just walk away like nothing happened !
Angsty Sentence Starters


         "Foolish little brother." the Uchiha remarked as a sigh escaped from roseate lips. His brother was very well known for speaking such idiotic outbursts. These fall onto deaf ears, weak pleas trying to recurve the past. These fell to the Uchiha’s hearing as merely white noise. Sasuke simply had to accept the fact that what he had done was irreversible. He had no intention of speaking in conjecture, only wanting his brother see what harsh reality felt like whether he disliked his philosophy or not.

        “Enough with the sophistries.” the raven coldly remarked, seeming distant towards the brother he onced loved. "You are weak. Nothing changes that; as what I’ve done in the past. These are two solid facts that you must accept."

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"I needed you and you weren’t there." (hello! :D)
Angsty Sentence Starters


         The raven’s ears twitched at the sound of the female teen’s reverberating voice. She had needed him? What nonesense was she spouting from her foolish mouth? His goals and ambitions did not include having to look out for a boorish person such as her. She had meaning to him, only but a manipulative object for him to continue cultivating his brother, her comrade’s hatred into a lively fire. She was nothing but an obstacle, a kibosh to leap over. Nothing but a mere stepping stone to his next chapter in fulfillment of his dark ambition.

        “What nonsense are you speaking?” the raven coldly remarked, a baritone voice surmising from his lips. "You are a fool to trust a traitor of the Leaf." 

Angsty Sentence Starters
  • Are you just going to disappear on me again?
  • Are you saying that this is my fault?
  • Don’t pretend like you ever cared.
  • Everything was a lie, I was just using you.
  • Forget you ever met me.
  • How could you leave me here?
  • How long have you known about the affair?
  • I always knew I’d end up hating you.
  • I don’t think I can trust you anymore, or ever again.
  • I hope you never forgive me for what I did to you.
  • I needed you and you weren’t there.
  • I never want to hear your name again.
  • I remember when you made me happy, I don’t know what I was thinking.
  • I should have never trusted you.
  • I thought you said you’d never hurt me.
  • If this is goodbye, make sure I never see you again.
  • It was fun while it lasted, but I can’t do this anymore.
  • Just the thought of being around you makes me feel sick.
  • People have died because of you!
  • Please tell me what I did wrong, what I can do to fix this.
  • There’s no such thing as love, at least not between us.
  • Was everything a lie?
  • We used to have something great and now I can’t get far enough away from you.
  • We’ll never be able to go back to how we were.
  • What about all those nights, do they mean nothing to you?
  • What we had meant nothing to me.
  • You can’t just walk away like nothing happened!
  • You never want to see me again?
  • You used to give me hope and now you give me nothing.
  • You’re so caught up with impressing everyone that doesn’t matter.
H I A T U S — E N D




His body was sprawled across the lounge room floor, with nothing but a cushion to keep him comfortable, as he read over a few scrolled, which contained various information on differing lightning-styled jutsu. Then came the sudden weight that pressed against his back, which did come as a startle, at first. That is, until Sasuke stole a side glance, to have onyx hues land of those sharp, defined, and oh-so familiar features. With muscles relaxing, and his body being warmed up by the other’s embrace, Sasuke just laid, for a brief moment; not rolling over to return the gesture, nor voicing any greeting - no - he laid, and just relished in the other’s heat. 

Although, no matter how appealing, and utterly magnifying, his brother was, Sasuke just couldn’t let his feelings really come into light. No, he knew it was wrong - so direly w r o n g and repulsive to yearn for the touches of his own flesh and blood. To want to take more, for himself, than most brothers would dear to have. And there was always that lingering fear of rejection, that Sasuke had, ever since he was a child. Those anxious feelings, of course, have dwindled over the years - but he had always been scared of going over Itachi’s boundaries, and having the man drift away from him. 

So, with those last thoughts, the only recognition the teen gave to his brother was that of a slight hum, that vibrated through his throat, before he returned back to his previous activity. Of course, though, still melting under his brother’s presence, and feeling utterly content in the late afternoon. 


         "Why so quiet?" The raven asked, a hot breath cloaking over his brother’s neck, steamy words enshrouded the adolescent male. Seeing that his pheromones were greatly affecting the little Uchiha who steadily focused on his work. He was a bit tired of enacting his daily duties as a member of the special assassination force namely the ANBU. Seeing his brother being an aspiring shinobi to his name have him some sort of pride. Itachi loved studious and determined people above all, that had drawn himself to Shisui. At the sight of his brother being that of his cousin, Itachi was rather allured by the odd action. 

        Liquid slowly dripped from the temple of the male, his body warm with excretions of sweat. Itachi had been keeping his body in shape, despite not having the means of using it. Dark fabric soaked in his own salty sweat had pressed upon the toned back of his brother, chest feeling the sharp bones of his shoulder blades slightly prod on his torso. Itachi’s eyelids drooped a bit, as his pupils gazed lustfully on the ivory neck that he had been glazing over. A bulge of saliva forced down his throat as his own body heat was being taken over by his captive, seeing that his blood has been rushing to all parts of his body. 

         The need for Itachi to hold someone he loved so close was normal.. being alone in that house, only being called upon by the police force when needed. He thought it selfish, that Sasuke did all the work, and he relaxed in their humble abode. It might’ve been that he had just missed the younger Uchiha, as to why his current actions were that of mere lust than love. Or a mix of both, an admittance that he needed Sasuke to stay sane was out of the question. For he did not want to believe that this was lust, but merely brotherly love. What a selfish fool he has become.

         One lone leg wrapped around the other’s, expanding more warmth towards that one limb. A chiseled chin laid upon the male’s shoulders as he pitted ear against ear, slightly resting on his head as he used it as his own comforter. He had missed Sasuke so much. 

         "Sasuke.." a lone whisper, but held so much emotion in one phrase, especially his own name. The mere reverberation of that word sent chills down the prodigy’s spine as his eyes slowly closed in mere satisfaction. "Take a break… once and a while. Don’t.. wear yourself.. out." a concerned and broken statement slowly exited from his mouth.

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